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Real Estate

Real Estate Attorneys Advancing the Interests of Clients in Seattle, WA

The commercial real estate lawyers at Holmquist + Gardiner have a reputation for providing effective, quality services that are transparent and in the best interests of their clients. At our Seattle law firm, we know the cost of real estate litigation is far greater than the cost of an attorney providing a thorough review of documents and related risks prior to a transaction’s completion. We also understand that clients have a constant eye on the balance between their bottom line and reducing risk. Accordingly, we do everything possible to provide a value-added review of real estate contracts, transactions, and projects, helping to protect your interests at the outset.

We offer competitive billable rates related to real estate law and our invoices are in line with our estimates. Clients are not billed for unnecessary, redundant reviews or the learning curve of a team of associates.

Specializing in Commercial Real Estate Law, We Approach Every Client Interaction with Detail and Professionalism

Commercial and Residential Acquisition and Sale
In Seattle, every real estate property transaction is different and each client has a different level of sophistication or desired assistance. We are experienced in both sophisticated transactions where a granular approach is required, and more traditional transactions, where there is substantially less risk, and less attorney time may be required (or desired).

The Real Estate Lawyers at Holmquist + Gardiner are Flexible and Base our Services Rendered on the Exact Needs of Each and Every Client.

We work with the client to evaluate their needs first, and then move forward. Our real estate law services range from simple review and drafting of the purchase and sale agreement, through being an integral part of the transaction from the letter of intent stage through closing and beyond. Depending on the client’s needs, we assist with review of title, loan opinion letters, due diligence, financing documents, and review of closing documentation among other issues that can arise in a typical transaction.

Seattle Commercial Landlord Attorney Services

We routinely represent landlords and tenants in negotiating and drafting commercial leases for office, retail, or industrial space. The goal is to facilitate a fair balance between a landlord’s risk in allowing a tenant to occupy space, and the fair allocation of risk and cost to a tenant in exchange for that opportunity. While leases are replete with form language, parties to a lease should be aware of the meaning of that language and the substantial risks associated with the same. Likewise, parties need to be aware of how to protect their assets and their ability to continue income to cover debt maintenance obligations.

We routinely advise clients on other real estate matters including but not limited to:

  • Residential and commercial eviction

  • Real estate development

  • Condominium creation

  • Condominium conversion

  • Home owner’s association (HOA) creation and advising

  • Earnest money disputes

  • Property management issues

Contact us today to set up a free consultation in person or over the phone. We strive to help clients quickly with professional counsel and ethical legal representation in all matters of commercial real estate law. We are Holmquist + Gardiner.