Residential Lease Negotiations

Is it time once again to consider renewing your residential lease? Often that leaves tenants asking if they should stay another year. Is there room to negotiate a better deal or should tenants save time, energy and effort and move to a new place? 

Previously, we’ve looked at commercial lease negotiations best practices, but we at Holmquist + Gardiner often receive requests for guidance with residential property lease negotiations as well.

Residential Boundary Line Disputes in King County

Spring is here. The cherry blossoms are blooming. It’s nearly time to roll out the grill for its summer stint on the patio. Hopefully any extended time spent outside enjoying your property includes a friendly wave from your neighbor. For residential property owners dealing with the turmoil of a contentious boundary line dispute, a wave is more likely an apoplectic stare, or worse. 

New Associate Attorney - Todd M. Miller

Holmquist & Gardiner, PLLC is pleased to announce the addition of Todd M. Miller as our new Associate Attorney.

Todd earned his undergraduate degree in economics at Washington State University and his law degree at Seattle University School of Law. Before attending law school, Todd served as an officer in the United States Marine Corps. During law school, Todd was a member of the Moot Court Board and took part in externship programs with the legal department of a large technology company headquartered in Seattle and in the chambers of the Honorable John P. Erlick in King County Superior Court. Todd’s focus is on real estate and business transactions where he will continue practicing in those areas at H+G.  We are excited to have Todd join our Team!

 Direct: 206.438.9009  Email:

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5 Ways Seattle Landlords Can Protect Themselves & Their Properties

When it comes to landlord – tenant relationships, nothing should be left to translation or interpretation. The dealings between both parties should be mutually beneficial, respectful, and above all else, clear. With that in mind, the attorneys at Holmquist & Gardiner work with landlords (and tenants) to make sure their interests are provided for and protected.

Commercial Leasing Terms in Seattle, What Tenants Need to Know

Seattle and the state of Washington continue to be in a constant state of expansion. New commercial buildings are springing up left and right; in fact, Seattle tops the nation as the city with the most tower cranes for the third straight year in a row. With new developments come new commercial spaces, and if you’re in the market for office, retail or industrial rental space in the Emerald City, lease negotiations are going to be in your near future.

Adverse Possession in the State of Washington

Adverse possession, more commonly known as “squatters rights” is an interesting situation, often fueled by surprise and emotion. Property owners understandably take matters concerning their residential home, including the dirt within its boundary, personally. To provide a quick definition of adverse possession, if someone has had possession of a piece of property for a long time (ten years in the state of Washington) that person could possibly be entitled to direct ownership.

Issues with Loan Opinion Letters

Are you in the process of developing real estate in Seattle? Are you from out-of-state? It is likely that your lender will require a loan opinion letter. Loan opinion letters are provided by legal counsel for borrowers and provide a number of opinions including the assurance that loan documents will be binding under the law of the jurisdiction, the borrower and guarantor entities have the necessary signing authority, and that such entities have been properly formed.

The Dos and Don’ts of a Corporate Business Dispute

As noted in our previous blog, the best way to prevent a corporate business dispute is to prepare for it with your partners. But, that doesn’t always happen, and when a disagreement occurs, things can get ugly, fast. If you’re in the beginnings of a dispute, how do you prepare for it and weather through with success? Holmquist & Gardiner provide some essential Do’s (and one Don’t) based on years of experience both inside and outside the court room.