Updated Condo Act Offers Incentives to Spark New Property Developments

There’s big news this summer for residential real estate developers, sales agents and future buyers of condominium properties in Seattle. Washington state’s updated condo act, known as SB 5334, became effective law on July 28, 2019. The new legislation eases regulations on condominium defect liabilities for residential condominium developers and management companies. That means exciting prospects for the condominium market in the city of Seattle. SB 5334 reduces concerns of risk and uncertainty that previously plagued condominium investments across Washington state. 

The experienced attorneys at Holmquist + Gardiner support clients involved in all phases of the construction process including property developers, contractors, architects, engineers, management firms and individual tenants. We assist our clients with diverse issues specific to Seattle and Washington state laws and regulations. SB 5334 represents a transformative moment in…